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Best Betting Sites - Top Sports Bookmakers 2020

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How to Bet on Tennis: Winning Predictions

To date, tennis bets represent the best investment opportunity on sports markets.Professionals in the sector, myself included, have learned to earn for years thanks to the world of sports betting on tennis .

by Admin

Posted on 17th April

Bet on tennis winning predictions


Betting on Tennis

To date, tennis bets represent the best investment opportunity on sports markets, that is why we give tennis tips and tennis predictions daily, same as esports predictions and football betting tips

Professionals in the sector, myself included, have learned to earn for years thanks to the world of sports betting on tennis .

How to bet on tennis: winning predictions?

The first thing I teach my students when they approach markets is this:

Choose matches where at least one of the two wants to win. I see many improvised bettors betting on matches without logic. When betting on tennis it is important to pay attention to the motivations of the tennis players. If you bet relying on statistical data you are hopeless.

The data you can collect about a tennis match must always be contextualized. Each data must be read in its context to be understood and analyzed.

I see so many novice bettors making these mistakes and the price they pay is sometimes really high. When you bet on a tennis match, the tennis player must play for you, for your operation.

The tennis player must spit blood for the same goal that you have. Playing against tennis players' ambitions is pure madness.

For this reason, when I analyze a tennis match I am inclined to bet on the most ambitious tennis player of the moment.

Betting on tennis is a matter of spirit of observation. In this short guide I will explain 4 determining factors that we often do not consider in making our analyzes. Factors that can truly make the difference between winning and losing.

How to Bet on Tennis: Professional Advice

One of the first things I teach my students to do is to develop individual match analysis.

It is important for a novice bettor not to be influenced by any external factor.

The first thing I teach to those who follow me is to completely ignore the commentary of the commentators.

It is amazing that in the 21st century we have shrunk this way, yet many commentators often deceive bettors completely. Many of these are former tennis players with great sports skills but who have very few bettors skills.

It is amazing how a potentially irrelevant factor like the previous face-to-face confrontations between the two tennis players deceived many punters.

To be precise, commentators often believe that if a tennis player is ahead in direct matches, he is the eternal favorite for the final victory. This is absolutely not true.

The data collected at the end of the matches tell us that in the long run we record losses if we always bet on the favorite tennis player in direct matches.

But let's get to the heart of the discussion and see these 4 determining factors.

How to bet on Tennis: 1st Method

Travel and planning have a huge impact on player performance.

It can often happen that a tennis player arrives in the final stages of the tennis tournament such as the ATP and may be eliminated in the Semifinals. When this happens usually the tennis player, to face the tournament of the following week he is forced to take flights immediately after the last match of the tournament.
mobile betting on tennis

Often because of long journeys, especially if we talk about intercontinental travel, tennis players have very little time to recover from the previous tournament.

The trips stress the body and lower the returns on the field of tennis players. It is often important to decide to play against this type of particularly stressed tennis player.

Mathematics tells us that playing against these players can be very beneficial for our wallet. In fact, it must be considered that programming plays a crucial role in the sporting life of a tennis player.

In general I keep a close eye on all those tennis players who arrived at least in the quarterfinals of the previous tournament and who obviously had to face long journeys.

Betting on Tennis: 2nd Method

tennis ground

Betting on tennis [on online bookmakers] is a matter of great spirit of observation. Knowing how to read data within particular circumstances makes us smart and knowledgeable punters.

The 2nd method for betting on tennis is tied to the first. Tennis players with poor physical condition are unlikely to make a good tournament in the following week.

It must be considered that usually those who have achieved good results in the previous tournament have little desire to win a new tournament. This is because tennis is a demanding sport not only physically but also mentally.

Furthermore, it must be considered that a tennis player who won the previous tournament celebrated and took a few more hours to take his head off.

Not to mention the physical issue. Tennis players who performed well in the previous week have less will to fight fatigue. Every tennis player knows that excessively stressing one's body can easily lead to injuries. Some tennis players may deliberately decide to surrender within the match.

From this speech I would exclude the top 10 tennis players in the world. Professionals of this caliber usually plan their tournament participation with extreme precision.

We are talking about tennis players used to defending the points that usually do not play week after week.

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Tennis bets: 3rd method

How to bet on tennis bringing home excellent earnings?

The third method can be truly crucial for your earnings.

A tennis player who plays very intense and long matches is obviously more likely to lose the next matches. My studies have revealed how tennis players and tennis players who claim marathon matches are more likely than others to fall injured.

In these situations it is usually a good thing to bet against this type of tennis player. In slams this figure is more relevant: tennis players who played 5 sets in the previous round have great chances of losing the next round, we are talking in particular of the players ranked out of the top 50 in the world.

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How to Bet on Tennis: 4th Method

When a player is injured what we can do is exploit the situation to our advantage.

Certainly when a tennis player returns from an injury or his conditions are bad the bookmakers will give him a much higher share than he usually has.

Taking advantage of this market situation can make us make a lot of money.

To do this, however, we must know exactly what the physical conditions of our tennis player are, and sometimes this cannot be enough.

To be absolutely sure of the state of health of our tennis player we must see him play during the match. Also for this reason it is important to bet on tennis in Live, that is when the match started.

This attitude can make us make a lot of money with tennis betting

nadal tennis

How to Bet on Tennis: Conclusions

The best professionals in the world love to bet on tennis because it allows them to earn a lot of money compared to football.

As you know, I bet almost exclusively on this fantastic sport, and I could not do otherwise also because I was trained by the best in Europe.

Every professional bettor who earns thousands of euros a month with tennis betting has developed a detailed analysis system taking these factors and many more into account.

The 4 factors you have seen are only a very small part of the data that professionals use to make money with tennis betting. For this reason I created the 1st Italian book on tennis betting which shows you all the other 40 and more methods to win at tennis betting.


How do you bet on tennis?

How to bet on tennis ? This is undoubtedly one of the most frequent questions that can be found on the internet but, at the same time, one of the most difficult to answer. In fact, there are many unknowns in this sport that focuses on the individual and not on the team. Consequently, the emotional component must also come into play. Although there is no mathematical method in tennis betting , there are a number of ways to minimize the risks, paying attention to several factors to go to the cashier more frequently.

How do you win a big bet?

Winning with bets requires one or more playing methods and mental rigor. Warning: if you are always winning at recreational player bets, that is a person who bets for fun by betting his money on multiples, slates, doubles and various jumble, this article will not interest you in any way. Making everyone feel good at school is a big challenge. Make sure they are fine while working hard. Make them build knowledge from what they have and that seems nothing, but nothing is not. Make them build sincere relationships based on respect, letting them be that. Strategies for winning at bets are on the agenda. Over time, many of these betting strategies have lost their effective value, some are not as profitable as they once were, while other strategies are losing.

How many sets are in tennis?

The matches are divided into games (in English set); based on the types of tournaments, the matches are the best of 3 or 5 games;all women's tournaments are played in the best of 3 setsas far as men's tournaments are concerned, only 5 tournaments are played at the best of the 5 sets and they are the Grand Slam tournaments (Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open) and the Davis Cup

What does total games mean in tennis?

A tennis match is made up of points, games and sets. A set consists of a number of games (a minimum of six), which in turn are made up of points. To win a game, a player or team must win most sets.

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