Casino Beliefs And Superstitions

The stigma of the casino entrance - A lot of people believe that one should not enter a land-based casino from its front gate as it brings bad luck.

Casino Beliefs And Superstitions

Many gamblers take considerable measures to ensure that lady luck is on their side, even though they know that every kind of gambling relies on luck to some extent. Although some gamblers are open about their superstitions, the vast majority are probably superstitious in some fashion, whether they confess it or not.

The increased reliance on chance in casino games compared to other types of gambling may make superstitions prevalent among casino goers. Despite the apparent implausibility of attributing a player's good or bad luck to factors outside of their control, many people sincerely feel that their superstitions will change their fate for the better or the worse.

Furthermore, many widespread misconceptions about casinos and gambling are factual. But there also seems to be a great deal more that is entirely unfounded. The gaming industry generally has more myths surrounding it than casinos do.

We don't know why this is happening. Following is a list of casino goers' most widely held beliefs and superstitions, along with an analysis of how true certain beliefs and superstitions actually are.

The House Always Wins

This is correct in a technical sense. The house edge at a casino is infinite. Consequently, the player is always at a disadvantage. Only through cheating or card counting can one hope to "win" at these games. Casinos employ a variety of methods to prevent card counters from cheating. Because of that, the house always wins in the long run.

Here, "in the long run" is the operative phrase. It's not as though everyone always loses when they play. You will inevitably lose if you play for long enough, but individual winning sessions are entirely possible. It's quite possible to come out on top if you put in the effort, have some good fortune, and have the self-control to call it quits when the time is right.

Casino Games Are Games of Chance

Gambling games in casinos are indeed based purely on chance. Other than card counting in blackjack, no amount of skill or strategy can overcome the house edge. To succeed financially in a casino, you will need, above all else, a bit of good fortune, whether it's in a physical establishment or an online καζίνο ελληνικά.

However, luck is not everything in the casino. The house edge may not be completely negligible, but there are ways to reduce it and improve your chances of winning. Knowing when to wager and how to play will help minimize the house's advantage. Doing so will increase your potential for success.

There Are Lucky/Unlucky Numbers in Casinos

The number 13 has a reputation for bad luck, and not just in the gaming world. For example, many people avoid planning important events on Friday the 13th. Indeed, there is scientific consensus that 13 phobia exists (Triskaidekaphobia).

When gambling, the number 13 is typically avoided by players. It would make sense if number 13 were the least bet on the number in roulette. Casinos are well-aware of this superstition, and it is common for large casinos to skip over floor 13 when numbering the floors.

Many people, however, view the number seven as particularly promising. This is probably why many slot machines include a jackpot triggered by getting seven sevens in a row.

It's essential to remember those notions of what constitutes a lucky or unlucky number vary significantly from one culture to the next. A number considered fortunate in one culture is unlucky in another, and vice versa.

There Are Lucky/Unlucky Colors in Casinos

As specific numbers are said to bring good or ill fortune, so are distinct colors. Because of its link with mourning and death, many people view the color black as ominous. In contrast, red is widely regarded as a fortunate hue. Because of this, many Chinese gamblers wear red anytime they enter a casino or other gambling establishment.

The Lucky Charms

Many players bring lucky charms to the casino to improve their luck. Diverse symbols have different meanings, but the rabbit foot, the horseshoe, and the four-leafed clover are three of the most common. Players frequently bring fortunate apparel items or even friends to casinos to increase their luck.

The Physical Actions

Casino goers frequently rely on tried-and-true rituals to improve their chances of winning. Before a hand is dealt, the roulette wheel is spun, or the dice are rolled; this is typically done. Here are some typical cases that come to mind.
  • Intentional Finger Crossing
  • Scratching the Dice
  • Putting one's cards in a specific order
  • So, fingers crossed
  • Requesting a card or number verbally
  • Holding lips with a friend

The Process of Counting Money/Chips

One of the most pervasive superstitions in casinos is that counting your money or chips may bring bad luck. Games like poker and roulette are included here. Although the inspiration for this superstition is murky, Kenny Rogers's hit song "The Gambler" undoubtedly didn't help dispel it. The following phrase is just one example of the song's many pieces of advice.

To Enter Through the Main Foyer

This superstition is a little out there, yet it still has a decent following. There is a common superstition among gamblers that it's bad luck to enter a casino by the main entrance because the good fortune of those leaving can be transferred to the newcomers.

Because of this belief, many gamblers, especially those of Chinese descent, avoided entering the MGM Grand until recently. Once upon a time, this spot belonged to a massive lion's maw, a fate as bad as being eaten alive. Those who disliked it were relieved to learn that it was replaced in 1998.

$50 Bills

Another strange belief is held by many American gamblers who visit Las Vegas. When swapping chips, some bettors will not accept a fifty-dollar bill because of its bad luck reputation. When Las Vegas was dominated by organized crime, the rumor goes, mobsters would bury their victims in the desert with a handful of cash tucked under their jackets.

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