Game Changers on the Old Continent - When Crypto Meets Sports Betting in Europe

Crypto betting soon became a hype, and ever since the launch of bitcoin. Its influence extends beyond mere transactional changes

It can be seen quite easily by everyone that cryptocurrencies have become really popular recently. This situation has affected different continents of the world. Among the affected continents, of course, we expect the European continent to be among them. Cryptocurrencies were integrated into sports betting quite easily and made available to people. Cryptocurrencies, which opened a new window to sports betting,

changed people's betting habits. At the same time, thanks to cryptocurrencies that offer different payment methods, we can say that people's betting experiences have improved even more. Today, we will talk to you about how cryptocurrencies and sports betting are combined in Europe. If you want to learn more about this topic, keep reading.

A picture of Bitcoin crypto chart

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has a major impact on the merger of cryptocurrencies with sports betting in Europe. Thanks to this technology, people will be able to make more transparent transactions, play more securely, and play fairer games. Blockchain technology allows bets to be more fair and transparent by storing information on gambling sites in a decentralized manner. This allows players to bet in a much safer environment and also prevents malicious players from cheating.

As a result of blockchain technology, the sites where people bet on sports become much more secure, and thus players feel more comfortable on these sites and do not limit themselves in playing. This paves the way for people who want to make their first sports bets in the crypto gambling world.

Payments With Cryptocurrencies

In this process where cryptocurrencies were integrated into sports betting, people also started to be able to pay with cryptocurrencies while making sports bets, or they were able to withdraw the money they earned as cryptocurrencies. Sports betting sites that want to keep up with current trends have been ahead of their competitors by allowing payments to be made with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, and more. The reason why these online betting sites prefer such a method is that paying with cryptocurrencies provides players with greater flexibility.

top crypto coins used for payments
top crypto coins used for payments

Some players may not want to prefer traditional payment methods and may want to resort to alternative ways. These cryptocurrencies also respond to the requests of players. And one of the other big reasons why players prefer cryptocurrencies is that transaction fees are much lower and money can be exchanged more securely. While traditional payment or withdrawal methods can sometimes take weeks, this is definitely not the case with cryptocurrencies. Players can deposit or withdraw their winnings on the same day.

Decentralized Bets

The blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies we have just mentioned also pave the way for decentralized betting applications in the European integration process of cryptocurrencies and sports betting and also include smart contracts. But what exactly does this mean? First of all, smart contracts maximize the most important aspect of betting, namely transparency, and manage the transactions. Decentralized betting applications are simply called being able to handle transactions without the need for any intermediary.

This creates a more secure and transparent environment for players, as we have just mentioned. Thanks to this decentralized betting, people's information is collected in one place and stored in a decentralized way, as you can understand from the name. Accessing this information is also close to impossible because it is coded in a different way. In this way, people who are interested in sports betting feel more secure.


NFTs are tokens made using blockchain technology. And these tokens can be used in different ways in sports betting. If we need to talk about them, first of all, we can think of these NFTs as a kind of sports card, as bets are now partially moved online. Thanks to these digital cards, people can exchange their cards with each other and earn a certain income, bet with them, or accumulate them. Another use case is that these NFTs allow players to participate in special events. To win these NFTs, they can participate in certain raffles or search for times when they will be sold. These NFTs can also be a way for fans to support their favorite teams. Some fans may want to support their teams by going to their matches, buying jerseys, and buying NFTs. These NFTs may also change in value according to the popularity and performance of the teams. This means that they can be traded for better NFTs in the future or have a higher value.

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