High Limit Slots VS Low Limit Slots

High limit slots are slot machines which require relatively large bets in order to play. They have both advantages and disadvantages over low limit slots.

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Gambling is a pastime loved by many Nigerians. Some folks prefer sports betting over its direct alternative, casinos. And it’s no wonder, since nowadays, wagering appears very accessible and complements the Nigerian passion for sports. Almost every international giant in the gambling industry has arrived in the country, and the demand is still there. They also bring the most advanced mobile applications, like 1xbet Nigeria, which takes the betting experience to a brand new level.

That’s why online casinos are forced to develop their own apps and adapt to their competitiveness. At the same time, it’s safe to say in this regard that there are many outspoken casino and slots fans in particular. Lots of them who play slots on a regular basis wonder what is better to do: play high-limit or low-limit slots. And although everyone probably has their own opinion on the topic, we have decided to address the issue from a statistical point of view. In this article you will find all the necessary information about the maths behind slots, both offline and online.

Basic Principles of Slot Machines

There are many factors that can come into consideration when we talk about slots. Different games, manufacturers, and developers, yet it always stays true that the main principle behind their inner workings is payout percentage. What exactly is it?

The payout percentage is the probability of getting a jackpot. It varies greatly between machines, but contrary to popular belief, it cannot be tempered with during a game or even a day. Changing the payout percentage for one slot machine takes several weeks of preparation.

So what is the usual payout percentage for a given machine? Well, it depends. And this exact dependence is what makes some of them more lucrative than others.

How Higher Risk Makes You Win More

When it comes to gambling, we all know that high risk equals high reward. But it is even more true for slots.

You have probably played the penny machines. The ones that only cost a couple of naira to spin. And although the shrewd side of you may think that it was somehow beneficial, that you saved money by choosing the safest option, you could not be more wrong. Statistically speaking, the payout percentage on those only amounts to about 90%. It does not mean that your probability of winning is 89%, oh no. It means that if you put 100 naira into it and win 200.000, 224 other people who also put 100 into the machine will not win anything. Your payout percentage in this equation is 2000%, while theirs is 0%. The total is exactly 89%.

But the story is quite different in the high limit environment.

Here, your payout percentage increases. From 89% to upwards of 97%. Which not only means better chances of winning, but also bigger payouts. And it’s not like these kinds of slot machines are rare either, you can easily find them on any of the bookmakers' websites.

Let’s say you have two machines. One is 20 Naira per spin and the other is 100. If you put your 100 Naira into the first machine, you get 5 spins with an 89% total payout percentage, and you can win 10.000 in theory. But, if you put the same 100 Naira into the second one, although you will only get a single spin, your payout percentage will rise to around 96% and your jackpot will be 100.000. Not only are you more likely to win, but you can also win more!

Benefits of Low Limit

Despite the fact that high limit slot machines are more profitable, there are still some advantages to the low limit ones.

First of all, low limit slots are better when we talk about progressive machines. These are the ones in which a certain sum should be accumulated inside the machine before the jackpot. In this case, you will be better off trying your luck with them than with a machine that only takes higher denominations. Not only will it be cheaper to play, but since it is, such a machine will be more popular among the people, making the progress quite a bit more rapid.

The second, and probably the biggest one, is the fact that the low limit slot machines are the most fun. It’s just way more engaging to spin not once or twice, but ten or twenty times. And it’s not like you are losing much; they are just so dirt cheap! For us, the subject of some good old fun is genuinely most certainly worth considering.

In Conclusion

As you see now, high limit slots present a significantly better probability of winning compared to the low limit ones, in terms of both payout percentages and the possible winnings amount. But if you want to try your luck in a low limit game, there is nothing wrong with that. We recommend you not to look for the extremes but to find a middle ground. A game that will feel right for you.

We also want to warn you about the fact that you should gamble in moderation. Yes, spinning slots is fun, and whenever you lose, it always feels like you are only a couple of spins away from the jackpot, but it is usually not the case. Consider that if such thoughts arise in your head yet you are still not winning, it may be a sign of a gambling addiction. And we advise no one to play until they develop a problem. Know when you need to stop.

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