How to win Dragon Tiger card game online at 188BET

Dragon Tiger card game is currently profitable for many players at online bookies. Learn how to win when playing Dragon Tiger at casinos today.

Dragon & Tiger is one of the most played card games in casinos across Asia. Compared to other card games, Dragon Tiger online has easy to understand rules and a high win rate. However, in order to win a lot of money, you need to have your own ways of playing. This article will share most of the tips for playing Dragon Tiger online on 188BET so that players can easily win.

Payout rate of Dragon Tiger Online Game on 188BET

Because the gameplay is relatively easy, the payout ratio of bookies is also moderate, not too high like other casino card games. The lowest ratio is 1 to 0.75 and the highest is 1 to 20. If you play 1 to 1, you are profitable enough because the higher the payout, the harder it is to win.

Dragon Tiger card game

Experience playing Dragon Tiger with high win rate

From the outside, Dragon Tiger is easy to play and seems to just rely on luck to win. But you should remember, if it was really that easy, the Dragon Tiger card game would no longer exist in any bookie. Therefore, apply the following ways to reduce the loss rate, increase the win rate.

Only bet on Dragon or Tiger

If you are new to the game, it is best to only place the Dragon or Tiger door. Limit bets on a Draw because the probability of a Draw is very low. You can apply the tips in poker and baccarat to apply to Dragon Tiger.

When placing a two-way bet, it is very convenient for you to follow the rules of the appearance of the card game. Newcomers to the game Dragon Tiger are easy to place miscellaneous bets with too many doors. In the end, it was too late to lose all the money.

Dragon Tiger game logo

Apply the three-sided bet

The 3-sided betting technique is not too difficult. But it requires you to know to adhere to 100% of the principles set out from the beginning. The specific method is as follows:
  • The first thing we get is the Dragon door, if the Dragon door wins, the next game we bet on the Tiger door.
  • If the Tiger wins, we bet on the Dragon side. For example, if the Dragon wins, then bet on the Tiger.
  • Just like that over and over again

Bet on the suit of cards

This method requires you to look long enough. After each game, you must take a pen and paper to record the frequency of each card's appearance. You need to report back how many times black or red has appeared. If you see a hand that is not yet widely distributed, bet on that hand.

Flow betting strategy

In this way, you need to accumulate search skills. You observe, if there are about 3 games to the Dragon, you just follow that flow and bet on the Dragon door. If you win, keep betting on Dragon until you lose, then stop.

Know the limits of capital and profit

This is the method that 188BET experts have repeated many times. And this is also the way that 99% of players do not follow when getting too excited during the game. You should set a capital limit for yourself. One day I only play 1/10 of the total amount I have. When you win 20% of that amount, stop, when you lose 20%, you should limit betting.

This way, although winning a little money, is sustainable. If you lose, you still have the opportunity to withdraw capital the next day.


The Dragon Tiger game is very popular with Online Casino players because it is easy to make money. Through this article, you also have the basic experience to play Dragon Tiger Online and win easily. What's the point of not creating an account right away to experience this game on 188BET online bookie from officially.

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