The Most Popular Sports and Their Safest and Riskiest Bets

Today, we'd like to take a look at both ends of the betting spectrum: the safest and riskiest bets you can place on different kind of sports

all types of sports in betting

Football - the king of sports

Football is, certainly, the most popular sport in the world. While there may be a few regions where it is overtaken by others - like cricket in India and American Football in the US. There are countless betting markets available for football fans, some of them safer, others, not so much.

Draw No Bet - probably the safest bet on football

Many would say that betting on the outcome of a match is the safest path you can take. But there’s one bet that reduces your chances of losing even more: DNB (Draw No Bet). It is basically a 1X2 without the X. You bet on either of the two teams winning, and if there’s a draw (which is less likely, but still), you get your stake back. Check the odds calculator over at to find out more.

Correct score - one of the riskiest football bets

You can estimate the number of goals in a match pretty accurately if you do your homework. This is why over/under bets are pretty safe and popular - and have pretty low payouts. Predicting the correct score of the match is, in turn, much trickier. And much riskier, considering all the variables involved.

Basketball - the thrill of the hoops

Basketball is a popular sport with fast-paced action. The NBA certainly steals the show when it comes to basketball betting, but Euroliga and certain national tournaments are also among the bettors’ preferences.

Safest Bet: Point Spread or Totals

Predicting whether a team will win by a certain margin (covering the spread) or if the combined score will be over or under a specified number of points.

Riskiest Bet: Player Prop Bets

Wagering on specific player performances, such as points scored or rebounds, can be riskier due to individual variability and game dynamics.

Cricket - the gentleman's game

Cricket is particularly popular in countries like India, England, and Australia. It is a bat-and-ball game with a huge following that overshadows the King of Sports in certain countries.

Safest Bet: Match Outcome (Win/Lose/Draw)

Betting on the result of the match is relatively safer, especially when considering the form and strength of the teams involved.

Riskiest Bet: Highest Opening Partnership

Predicting which team will have the highest opening partnership requires more speculative judgment and is riskier.

Rugby - the battle of the strong

Especially popular in South Africa and New Zealand, rugby is seen by many as one of the most challenging “full-contact” ball games there is. But the seemingly aggressive game is highly strategic, and this makes it a favourite for many punters.

Safest Bet: Match Outcome

Betting on the favourite team to win offers a safer option, although upsets can occur.

Riskiest Bet: Winning Margin

Predicting the specific point difference between teams is a riskier bet due to the unpredictability of match dynamics.

Tennis - the sport in white

Finally, tennis is among the most beloved sports in the world, both for fans and for bettors. It is an elegant game with a special focus on skill and physical form. Grand Slams are among the most-followed events every year, and the top tennis players are bona fide stars.

Safest Bet: Match Winner

Betting on the player expected to win the match is considered safer, although upsets can still occur.

Riskiest Bet: Set Betting

Predicting the exact score of sets in a match carries a higher level of risk due to the potential for unpredictable shifts in momentum.

No matter if you bet on the king of the sports or the sport in white, you should always consider carefully whether the risk is worth it. While riskier bets do come with more rewarding potential payouts, sometimes it’s wiser to play it safe. And it’s always important to play responsibly.

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