Lien Quan Betting: Full Data Gamers Need to Grasp

Lien Quan betting is always the choice of many gamers who like to invest in betting. What's better than at the end of each match, your account will receive additional interest? Details of all the data that players need to know will be fully provided by Hi88.

Initial information about Lien Quan betting

Initial information about Lien Quan betting

Lien Quan is a MOBA series game exclusively for mobile platforms, the game's other name is Arena of Valor. Since before its launch, many people have been extremely looking forward to it and there is truly nothing to criticize about Lien Quan Mobile.

The attractive points of the game are the fast development, diverse characters, super beautiful graphic design, and attractive sound. In addition, there are full modes suitable for the player's level. You can go to the training room to test your champions or participate in rankings to prove yourself.

Currently, there are many Lien Quan tournaments being held on a large scale not only domestically but also internationally. For example, Arena of Fame (Spring, Winter) or APL, AIC,... Each competition attracts a large number of gamers to watch.

With games, a match always has many parameters such as: Total number of games, wins and losses, kills, big goals,... The publisher will rely on that to make bets to serve the need to place money. Cá cược Liên Quân is that you will invest in the bet that you think is correct.

 Lien Quan betting is placing money on related bets in the game

Lien Quan betting rules you need to know

Before investing, you must fully understand the rules set by the house. Remember, bets are only paid when valid, so understanding the rules is paramount.

General rules

Come to the house to experience Lien Quan betting you Remember the following rules:
  • Do not place all bets on the same bet in one ticket. For example, choosing both teams to win is a violation.
  • It is mandatory to complete the betting ticket before the match takes place. With Lien Quan you will not have a shaky bet like football to place.
  • The bonus you receive is the rate displayed on the bet slip.
  • If a match is canceled before it has started, all tickets will be fully refunded. When two teams play until game 2 is canceled, bets related to game 1 will still be counted.
  • The house will only take one result announced by the organizers as a basis for paying prizes.

Lien Quan betting odds

In a match, there will be many different types of bets. Once you have determined to participate in the down payment, you need to grasp everything to always be ready to invest. Specifically:
  • Win, lose: Players simply choose the team that will win the match or game and wait for the results.
  • Handicap Betting: Parameters used can be kills, total number of games needed to determine win or loss, big goal, etc. The lower team will add the odds and compare with the upper team. Gamers need to choose the correct name to win at the end.
  • Over/Under: Together With the same parameters as handicap bets, this time gamers need to guess whether the actual result is larger or smaller than the amount on the odds table.
  • Objective: You will bet on which team will get the first kill, first tower or Evil God,...
  • Champion team: As the name suggests, gamers should invest in the name that they believe will take the throne at the tournament.

  Diverse forms of betting for gamers to invest

Lien Quan betting experience

The entire betting process is always simple, but the most important thing here is how to increase your chances of being accurate in your choices. Combining the following experiences will definitely help you get closer to profit.

Understand the game clearly

The MOBA genre is certainly not unfamiliar to the majority of gamers, but each game has its own unique features. If you have never experienced Lien Quan, it is best not to think about betting and vice versa, once you have decided to invest, you must understand all the information.

In fact, according to statistics, almost all famous Lien Quan bettors play very well. They can easily analyze the situation before the match so the choice is extremely easy.

It is mandatory to understand the game before betting

Catch up on the two teams

To make the correct choice before betting, you need to take the time to learn about the two opponents. All data from performance, player quality,... needs to be captured, from here you will make an assessment of the strength difference between the two sides and have an objective view of the odds.

In addition, playing style is also extremely important, you should know that there are teams whose overall results are not high but always achieve big goals. Careful analysis will help you conquer many types of bets cLien Quan bet and make big profits in just one match.

Have mental stability

Make sure you are in a clear state of mind before placing a bet, only then will the decisions you make be wise. Even if you unfortunately fail in previous bets, you should not rush to put money down but still need to calmly judge.

So complete information about Lien Quan betting has been provided to gamers. Hi 88 believes that with the data provided, you will easily access and have an accurate deposit experience.

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