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On this page you will find all the information you need to bet on this real-time strategy eSport

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Welcome to the best StarCraft betting sites review. On this page you will find all the information you need to bet on this real-time strategy eSport: payouts and top odds, analysis of the most important SCII tournaments, markets to play, promos and much more. But first we want to present you our selection of bookmakers to use.

A game with a very long tradition, for the world of videogames, and in which intelligence counts more than strength: a bit like betting, where choosing the right market often gives unexpected winnings. That is why, to better specify the characteristics of the top bookmakers listed below, we will give the best Starcraft 2 predictions.

Popular StarCraft tournaments

After seeing the payouts of the various bookmakers, let's now review the main StarCraft tournaments in the world. The Intel Extreme Masters is perhaps the richest competition, as well as the most followed in the world of this video game, also common to other eSports such as CSGO and Dota 2. Its entry list is international and the location is itinerant, just like that of the World Championship Series.

Tournament Nation Teams Foundation year
Intel Extreme MastersInternational162010
World Championship SeriesInternational162012
Global StarCraft LeagueSouth Korea162012
Major League GamingSouth Korea102018
Nation WarsFrance162016

Two of the world's largest and oldest StarCraft tournaments are organized on a national basis and have a large following: the Global StarCraft League in South Korea, the true home of this eSport , and Major League Gaming in the United States. More recent but much felt is Nation Wars, which pits national teams from various countries against each other.

Popular betting markets

The time has come to delve into more "technical" issues and find out which markets are offered by the best StarCraft betting sites and on which we can bet. In the next paragraphs we will analyze one by one the four types of bet plus bets on this eSport , helping us with some explanatory examples.

Winner of the match

The Match Winner market is undoubtedly the most played and most offered by StarCraft bookmakers. Professional players clash in 1v1 or 2v2 matches and at the end of the contest will be the player who has won the most maps. There is no X sign and therefore you cannot bet on a tie.

Winner Map

One of the more popular markets besides the one described above is Map Winner. Just like in tennis betting , in StarCraft it is also possible to bet on the victory of a partial of one of the two contenders. Depending on the version of the game being used, up to 5 different maps can be played.

Example: Take for example a classic game between two players competing in the WCS Global Finals of StarCraft II. These matches take place on the best of five maps. We decide to bet 10 euros on the victory of the favorite in the second map, whose odds are given at 1.57 by the bookmaker.

Usage: This market can be played pre match, as a way of earning more on winning the favorite (map victory usually has a higher odds than final victory), or played live by following the match in streaming. It is important to know the statistics and to know which players usually win the first map and which the second.

Correct Score

Another interesting wagering option offered by StarCraft betting sites is the correct score of a challenge. The traditional games of this eSport can be resolved in 3, 4 or 5 maps. The possible outcomes, just like in a match valid for betting on Wimbledon or for betting on football, can be 3-0, 3-1, 3-2, 2-3, 1-3, 0-3.

Total Handicap Maps

Another betting option that we particularly recommend, because it allows you to raise the final odds and not just a little , is the one called Total Handicap Maps: those who are used to sports betting predictions know what we mean by the term Handicap, which in this market it can be –1.5. There is also the Total Maps Over 3.5 and 4.5.

Live Betting on StarCraft 2 games

The best StarCraft betting sites we have included in this review allow you to bet live on the professional tournaments of this video game. Betting in real time on an eSport like the one analyzed on this page is not easy and requires a series of skills ranging from timing to cold blood ; knowledge of the rules and statistics is also fundamental.

Live bets on StarCraft provide users with fewer markets than pre-match bets and, let's be honest, the payouts are slightly lower , but this is a common feature of in-play play. However, we always recommend following the tournaments live on platforms such as YouTube or twitch.

How StarCraft works

After reviewing the aspects that bind this eSport and online betting , we can focus on the game itself and learn more about some aspects of its functioning. StarCraft is a real-time strategy video game released for Microsoft as far back as 1998 by Blizzard Entertainment.

A unique case in a world where a product becomes obsolete after only 6 months, this video game still retains a huge audience of users today. The game used today in professional competitions is the sequel StarCraft II , released in 2010, mainly in its Wings of Liberty version, set in a dystopian future 500 years away.

Before starting to play, users must choose one of three factions: Zerg, Protoss and Terran. Usually professionals only specialize in one of them, which has specific characteristics. The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy base , thanks to weapons and infrastructure built during the mission, and to defend your base.

Tips and strategies for trying to winAt this point we can begin to devise a game strategy that allows us to break through the StarCraft betting sites. In a game so based on planning, it can be decisive to put into practice some tips to avoid that the bets on a "mysterious object" like the eSport protagonist of this page are exclusively a factor of luck or chance.
  • Experience is everything - play StarCraft yourself before you try to bet on it
  • Follow the ive streams or videos from previous tournaments to learn from the best
  • The Handicap market can be an idea, especially when one of the teams is clearly favored
  • Try to stay up to date on the improvements to the game made by the various updates
  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the players: knowing them will make you understand who to bet on.

Come to think of it, the advice listed above could be applicable to bets on any sport, and can be summarized in the formula "study + application". In particular for a new discipline like eSports, however, this is even more true. A further suggestion can then be to simulate the various possibilities of a bet using a tool such as a betting calculator.

Bet using strategy

We are now at the end of this long and detailed StarCraft betting review. We have seen many aspects of this topic during this page, starting with the best bookmakers to bet on eSport. We then went through the payouts and markets available on the major tournaments .

We have not neglected even a careful examination of the live bets and free bets available for StarCraft, then discovering the secrets of this video game and some useful tips for those who are about to bet on it . Instead, we refer you to our home page for any other information on the best betting sites.

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What are the best operators to bet on StarCraft?

In our list of the best StarCraft betting sites, only those online bookmakers who are able to offer a complete proposal for playing on this video game appear. This translates into competitive payouts, a high number of markets and tournaments to bet on (even in in-play mode) and the presence of dedicated promotions.

What are the most important StarCraft tournaments to bet on?

Undoubtedly the most important StarCraft tournaments in the world that you can bet on are the Intel Extreme Masters and the World Championship Series. However, the national tournaments of the United States and especially South Korea, such as the Global StarCraft League, should not be underestimated. Follow our StarCraft betting tips for the best prediction you can get.

Are the odds for StarCraft events high?

From the analysis of the payouts of the StarCraft events, we can see that the odds combined with these matches are on average of a good level and higher than those of other eSports.

Are there any Free bets from StarCraft betting sites?

While we can say that StarCraft free bets from online bookmakers are quite rare commodity, it is also true that traditional promotions such as multiple free bets and welcome promo can be played on this esports.

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