Man City's nickname: Journey from 'The Citizens' to 'The Sky Blues'

Learn the meaning behind Man City's nicknames, from 'The Citizens' to 'Sky Blues', and explore their inspiring journey on the pitch.

MEach name carries its own story and meaning

Are you a passionate fan of Manchester City? Or simply love interesting stories about the world of football? Let's 90phut Enter the journey to discover the nicknames of Man City - one of the world's leading clubs through the article below.

Journey of formation Man City's nickname

Manchester City, founded in 1880, has a long and turbulent history. Through many name changes, the team was finally named Manchester City in 1894. Along with that development and change, theMan City's nickname gradually formed, bringing with them separate stories and meanings.

The Citizens

The nickname "The Citizens" is not simply a name based on the club's official name, but also carries a profound meaning about the special relationship between Man City and its fans.

The history of Man City's formation is closely linked to the formation and development of the city of Manchester. Since the early days of its establishment, the football team has become the pride of the local people, a symbol of their solidarity and fighting will.

"The Citizens" is not only a calling name but also an affirmation of the connection between Man City and the community, expressing pride in joining hands with the hometown team to achieve success.

The Sky Blues

The Sky Blues symbolize Man City's beautiful playing style

Other nicknames

In addition to its two main nicknames, Manchester City is also known by a variety of names, reflecting the club's history, achievements and unique identity. Some typical nicknames include:

The Greyhounds

This nickname comes from the name of the club Ardwick AFC, the predecessor of Manchester City, founded in 1880.

The Maine Roaders

This nickname is associated with Maine Road stadium, where Man City played from 1923 to 2003. This is an iconic stadium in the team's history, associated with many memories and resounding victories.

The Oilmen

This nickname appeared after Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a UAE oil billionaire, took over the club in 2008. This event marked an important turning point in Man City's history, opening a new era with abundant financial resources and great ambitions.

The Sheikh Mansour's Army

This nickname is also related to the takeover of Sheikh Mansour, demonstrating this billionaire's financial strength and great ambition for Man City.

The meaning behind the Man City's nickname

The beauty of identity, historical imprints and a new era

Each of Man City's nicknames has a unique meaning, not only expressing the team's identity but also reflecting historical periods and interesting stories.
  • "The Citizens" represents the bond between Man City and its fans, and is a symbol of the pride of the people of Manchester.
  • "The Sky Blues" symbolizes the traditional colors, beautiful play and noble dreams of the team.
  • Other nicknames such as "The Greyhounds", "The Maine Roaders" have a strong historical significance and remind of memories associated with Man City's past.
  • Nicknames "The Oilmen" and "The Sheikh Mansour's Army" reflect the team's drastic changes after being taken over by oil billionaire Sheikh Mansour.

Man City's nickname and success

Nicknames are not just names but are also associated with successful periods and memorable moments in Manchester City's history. "The Sky Blues" has become a symbol of the golden age of the team under the guidance of coach Pep Guardiola, with resounding victories and beautiful attacking play.


Man City's nickname is an indispensable part of the team's identity, a bridge between the team and its fans. Each name carries a story, a unique meaning, contributing to creating a proud and proud Man City. Access now 90 phut for quick updates. The most accurate and interesting information about the world of football.

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