Ways The Gambling Industry Has Changed This Century

Online gambling is firmly part of the wider digital eco-system in terms of consumer expectations and operator delivery.

gaming industry going live

Almost a quarter of the century has come and gone, and when you consider how technology is changing, this might as well be a thousand years! Innovations seem to be common in certain industries, and the gambling industry has become one with constant changes driven by technology.

Consider what the world looked like at the turn of the century, plenty of people were still using dial-up internet technology with noisy modems that meant you couldn’t make phone calls. Smartphones were still some time away and the idea that we could use phones to stream movies would be absurd, but it didn’t take long for these things to become everyday technologies. Internet speeds have also been growing, and all around the world, there are areas where 4G and 5G connections are becoming mainstream. Gambling is one of the industries, along with e-commerce and social media, taking full advantage.

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games connect players with real people rather than an interface that is designed to look like a table game, for instance. People can choose to play at a live dealer casino where they are connected to a dealer via a video connection. Technology held this back previously as people didn’t have the internet speeds and the ability to connect when they were on the go, but times have changed and now people can play on the train or bus, for instance.

Live dealer games are a way to have an experience more akin to those in an actual casino, with a dealer that the player can physically interact with, consider it the equivalent of a video call where people can play casino games such as table games. Blackjack is one of the most popular live dealer games that people play.

Casinos were less likely to provide this service when tech was a little more prohibitive, but we live in an age where data transfer and internet connections are pretty efficient everywhere.

In-Play Betting

The speed of technology and the internet has become faster pretty much , even in countries where it was hard to get a reliable connection before. In-play gambling is one of the areas the gambling industry has introduced as new technology a lot of people enjoy. As a game unfolds in front of their eyes they can potentially place bets based on what they think is going to happen.
offline live betting in a hall

Football fans may do a lot of research beforehand and check out the weekend’s top tips before placing bets, but they may even wait until half-time or later in the game to place the bet.

Gambling’s growth and the size of the industry also mean that the companies can increase the number of people working on in-play gambling and overseeing the in-play markets. Some games are suspended when there is something happening such as a penalty kick, for instance, so it requires a lot of people working on the markets. In-play betting has become big in the football industry, for instance, where people want to bet as a reaction to what they’re watching happen in the game.

Choice of Games

Hundreds of developers work in the casino industry, and a huge number of people are employed in the industry in other roles such as support. The UK’s huge gambling industry sees tens of thousands of employees.

So many people working in the industry help to create more choices of games, and developers are constantly working on interesting new slot games. Casino brands may offer thousands of different games with themes as diverse as ancient Greece, Mexican food, safaris, and more.

Players may have their own preferences, for instance, someone might enjoy fishing slots, and you might be surprised that a lot of games exist to suit their particular preference!

Gaming has grown in general, which means a huge number of games available for consoles and computers. Consumers are used to being able to choose loads of different games.


Esports…where do we start? You may not realize it, but they did exist in the 1990s, but since the turn of the century, esports has gone stratospheric, creating an industry with millions of spectators. Like so many other sports, arenas are packed out as people flood to watch their favorite teams, and millions more watching online. Gambling companies haven't been slow on the uptake, they’ve created loads of markets for people to also bet on fixtures and whole tournaments. World of Warcraft, Dota, and CS2 are among the biggest industry games that are popular right now and see huge audiences.

Gambling generates a lot of revenue each year and this means that companies are able to use the latest technology as well as invest in innovations, providing loads of choices for their players and taking full advantage of the faster internet connections and tech breakthroughs.

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