The 5 Best Mobile Esports Games

These are the most popular eSports mobile games of 2022 :

With the esports scene growing larger every year, more tournaments are being organized, and the competition is getting tougher and more professional. This is partly due to the esports gambling casinos offering more bets, but also international sponsors bringing in more money to support teams and players.

That being said, esports mobile games are constantly updated and developed to become frequent choices of gamers looking to win huge prize pools and possibly make a living of their favorite app. Below there is a list of the biggest esports mobile games that are available on multiple portable platforms. Perhaps some of the titles will be familiar, but other video games might come as a surprise. Take a look and decide which option suits you the most or which one you should pay attention to when betting at your online casino.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

If, for some reason, you've never heard of this world-class game, here's the main rule of PUBG: you need to stay alive. At the beginning of each round of this esports game, a hundred players are dropped on an island and their goal is to gather as many useful resources and equipment to beat other rivals.

The battle royale formula makes each round an exciting tournament, where the last man standing in the arena wins. The developers of PUBG are heavily investing into their own esports league, with countless local and global mobile championship titles. And even if you're not a fan of Call of Duty style shooters, you might be interested in the casino games aspect because plenty of virtual casinos offer esports betting for pubg mobile world championship. It's available on many casino websites, so it makes sense to check out the reviews and choose the top paying online casino NZ 2022 in order to enjoy this game. Paying good attention to the reputable reviews will provide the much needed security and will make your playing experience even more enjoyable.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale

This one is a mobile hit for sure. While this cartoon-ish game might seem like the opposite of esport, don't be discouraged. Some of the biggest gaming organizations have their divisions in this game, including Fnatic, SK Gaming and Team Liquid, just to name a few. This popular mobile title is a mix of tower defense, strategy and card game, all combined into an epic experience. It's also worth noting Clash Royale has a younger brother called Brawl Stars, which is also gaining popularity.

With top-tier teams participating, a big audience and different entry levels, each player can find a spot in esports tournaments for Clash Royale. But be aware, those sweet prize pools sponsored by esports casino mean a lot of effort if you want to be the best. If for some reason you aren't amazed by Clash, you can try Brawl Stars, another popular game from the SuperCell studio.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Wild Rift

Another choice for fans of popular mobile esports games, this one was long-awaited. Created by Riot Games, this is essentially a mobile version of League of Legends, which has a large player base of more than 100 million active users. That being said, it comes as no surprise that the mobile esports version would be a success, too.

Wild Rift was released in the year 2020, and from the very start put a heavy focus on the international championship scene. The app allows users to play for absolutely free, thus giving each player a chance to become a pro with enough dedication. This MOBA is also a common betting position for anyone interested in esports casino games. It is safe to say that League of Legends won the race against Dota 2, their main competitor, especially since a Wild Rift world tournament is to be held soon.

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor

Another large multiplayer online battle arena app, this 5v5 title is available for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch as well. Arena of Valor has been around for some time now, precisely since 2016, it started to gain popularity on the Asian market and soon became famous around the globe. Even if you've never heard of it, the impressive sums of money pumped by esports teams and casino gaming sponsors is impressive.

In recent years multiple million dollar transfers took place between the professional organizations, which only proves the importance of AoV in gaming and esports betting. The active number of users is continuously growing and tournaments with a million dollar prizes are happening annually.



Everyone has probably heard of this one. This mobile gaming product from Blizzard is a great example of a successful esports mobile game, with most of the player base connecting through portable devices. While some people might be put off by the random factor elements making the experience uncertain like in a casino, others will enjoy the thrill. Numerous online and traditional competitions are held for this popular mobile esports title.

While Hearthstone might be past its prime and fame, it's still a fun way to spend time and if you enjoy steady and engaging play, you might want to try it for free. But be aware, collecting all the decks and cards can seem like a burden if you don't decide to invest some money. Perhaps try betting on some popular esports at your casino to make some money first.


Now that you're familiar with the above, it's time to download some popular esports games and start working on your skills. No matter if you're into multiplayer, PvP or anything in between – there's a good fit for you. And if you're not much of a gamer, perhaps you might want to enjoy watching the matches, and to make it more engaging – try betting them at your local casino website.

Whether you choose action or just participating through the casino, we wish you good luck and many unforgettable memories. And remember, no matter how good you are: always take breaks. Good luck.

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