Best Tennis Betting Strategies to Beat The Bookies

One of the most important tennis betting winning strategies is to bet on specific betting markets or try different types of tennis betting

Best Tennis Betting Strategies

It is no secret that Football takes the crown internationally as the most popular sport for betting. However, as the betting trends peak, Tennis betting lies not far behind any other sport. Tennis offers tons of opportunities for betting enthusiasts to make money.

Several matches are played throughout the year, and almost every day, you can find updated betting opportunities on some of the best Australian betting sites. However, most of the time, it is not easy to pick the right match that offers the best odds of winning. This is where Tennis betting strategies help to make an informed decision.

Betting strategies usually focus on selecting the most profitable odds, saving time and keeping control of your nerves. This article thoroughly explains some of the best betting strategies to make the most of tennis betting. Let’s discover them as we continue further.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is among the most popular betting options in tennis. This type of betting allows the bettor to even out the playing field between players with different abilities. Usually, the handicap is applied to a stronger player to provide the weaker player a chance to turn the game over.

Handicapping is a good way to make things almost equal for both players and balance out their strengths. This makes the match more competitive and can offer better odds for the bettors who support the weaker player.

Let’s take an example to understand it better; if Player X is stronger compared to Player Z in handicap betting, the bookmaker might give Player X a -2.5 handicap. Which means he will have to score a 3 to claim a win.

Arbitrage Betting and Matched Betting

If you want to make money as a novice in tennis betting, two options will benefit you the most:
  • Matched Betting
  • Arbitrage Betting

These types of betting options are usually risk-free betting systems that pit bookmarks to compete against each other. Unexpectedly, this type of tennis betting strategy is gaining popularity over the years. One of the most significant reasons is the crazy offers made by competing bookmakers to hook in new customers.

Although this option is risk-free, it also entails minimal gains. This means that if you want to make a significant outcome, you must also invest a decent amount to make things work in your best interest.

Bookmakers usually make money by providing lesser odds than required. This ensures that they will always profit even when the bets placed on both sides are equal. Interesting stuff lies in their price boost to appeal to more customers.

The major difference between Arbitrage betting and Matched betting lies in the bets made.

Arbitrage betting mainly focuses on tennis matches where bets can be placed on all the possible outcomes of the match, and, of course, the profits are guaranteed.

Matched betting is almost similar to the Arbitrage system, with the difference that it focuses on guaranteeing profits by accepting welcome bonuses and other offers from bookmakers.

Match Winner Betting

This type of betting strategy is the most straightforward. As the name represents, this type of market allows you to bet on the winner of each match. Although it sounds easy, however, winning is not that easy. You can use strategies to enhance your winning chances through the following:
  • Understand the preferences and strengths of each player. For instance, some layers are better players on clay, while others have the upper hand over the grass. Knowing their strengths and types of surfaces can help you make an informed decision.
  • Professional tennis players usually tend to perform their best during the Grand Slam competitions and use other tournaments to polish their skills without overexerting themselves. However, when they face a stronger competitor, they may experience unexpected loss. Finding and understanding such opportunities can provide you with better support to draw a working strategy.
  • Talking about men in Grand Slam competition, the top players mostly win earlier matches without much hassle, resulting in low odds. So, in order to boost the potential returns of your bets without added risk, combining a few favourites in an accumulator or parlay might benefit you more.

Walking down these strategies can help you with effective information to analyse effective and most probable results.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know, there are several ways to take an edge on the bookmakers to make money through tennis betting. Understanding and mastering all the strategies can certainly provide you an upper hand in making a profit. But if you prefer a conservative approach, matched and arbitrage betting can be the right fit for you.

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