Live Online Roulette Strategies: Conquer the Little Wheel

Ditch the duds and embrace the diamonds with effective live online roulette strategies. Elevate your game beyond mere chance to expand your payout potential.

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Strategies to Gain an Edge at Live Casino Online Roulette

Roulette has been a casino favorite for eons, dominating the brick-and-mortar scene with its fascinating setup and enthralling gameplay concept. That said, we’re in the new age where old-school casinos' clinking chips and smoky air may not be as attractive to many as before.

As such, the sleek digital realm has birthed the concept of online roulette, and the most player-friendly platforms typically offer players opportunities to play the game with a promotional perk. The ICE Casino bonus, for instance, is one of the most lucrative deals players can use to get more bang for their back while playing the little wheel game.

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, iGaming developers upped the excitement of playing roulette online by introducing live casino versions where players could engage with real-life dealers. Here, unlike standard online roulette games, the live variants do not use RNG software to determine outcomes; they instead operate like the land-based versions where a croupier steers the game. So, how do you improve your payout potential in live dealer roulette? Read on to learn more about some effective tried and tested gameplay techniques.

Martingale Betting System

The Martingale betting system is a negative progression method used to determine the size of your wagers in many table games. Its premise is pretty simple: double your bet after every loss until you register a win. So, here’s how a gameplay session would play out if you deploy the Martingale strategy as you participate in a live roulette table.
  1. You place a $20 wager on black.
  2. The ball lands on red, and you end up losing $20.
  3. Unfettered, you decide to double your bet on Black to $40.
  4. The ball strikes red again, and you lose balloons to $60.
  5. Still unflustered, you double down once again and place a bet of $120 on black.
  6. This time, you win as the ball lands on black, and you recoup all your losses and make a $40 profit in the process!

This is the entire concept of the Martingale betting system. However, as good as the approach is, it unfortunately comes with its fair share of cons:
  • it will only work if you have a large bankroll to work with;
  • requires a solid psychological state of mind to continue doubling down when losing;
  • it only works when you find a table with wide wagering limits.

Reverse Martingale

We’ve just seen how effective the Martingale system can be to your live casino online roulette experience. That said, we’ve also seen how risky that approach can be. So, what if you flip the script for a less intimidating version of that approach?

Reverse Martingale
Reverse Martingale

In that case, you’ll end up with what is known as the Reverse martingale or the Paroli System. This method capitalizes on winning streaks as opposed to losing streaks. It works by starting with a small base wager, doubling your bet after every win, and resetting to your base after every loss. That way, you maximize your wins and reduce any losses you may encounter during the gameplay sessions.

Befriend the Wheel’s Bias

Beneath its glamorous veneer, the live casino online roulette whispers secrets only the keenest players can decipher. This brings us to the wheel’s bias phenomenon. The objective is to observe the wheel’s spin patterns, noting its hot and cold streaks and identifying the numbers that dance with fortune. Is Red on a winning streak? For how long? Is Black on a winning streak? With these observations, you can then turn the wheel’s secrets into a delightful symphony that will likely lead to soulful wins.

Master Emotions

The most formidable opponent you can face in live casino online roulette is neither the croupier nor the house. Rather, it’s your emotional state. Control your emotions to a tee, and you will be better positioned to make the best judgments on the table. Don’t let euphoria cloud your decision after a win; by the same token, you shouldn’t let the losses get the better of you. Look at the big picture and control your emotions, knowing that you will likely do well in the long term when your feelings are in check.

Dance With the Devil’s Little Wheel and Win!

Live casino online roulette is a constantly evolving practice that you’ll need to continually have the right strategies to excel. Thus, continuous learning is the best way to sharpen your gameplay techniques. Remember, a true master is always willing to learn. While there’s luck involved, the power to control your live casino online roulette experience lies with you. Use these strategies as a base point and explore more strategies to ultimately gain an edge in live casino online roulette.

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