Virtual Sports Betting Guide - Football, tennis, horse racing, Casino

In recent years, virtual sports have become very popular thanks to increasingly popular video games such as Football Manager, Fifa and PES. Along with the growth of these video games, the introduction of virtual betting has also arrived.

Virtual Sports Betting Guide



As anticipated at the beginning, virtual bets are divided into four main types. These are virtual football games, dog races, horse races and motor racing. Each of them has specific characteristics, to be easily identifiable by users. In addition, all legal betting sites that accept these bets have a section dedicated to virtual games, and usually the welcome bonuses are designed specifically for this specific type of sport.

Furthermore, each virtual sport has a screen associated with it showing the progress of the events, in order to follow the progress of your bet live. Each simulation is managed by the bookmaker's systems, and the licenses allows you to play in complete peace of mind, since it ensures the impartial development of the event.

Bookmakers come to meet you with the possibility of setting a monthly, weekly or daily limit for deposits, which you cannot exceed in any way. This, of course, also applies to virtual sports betting. And if you decide to increase it, you will always have at your disposal a week of time before it becomes effective, in order to give you time to reflect on your action and, if necessary, cancel it. Without this premise, let's go now to see how to play virtual betting .

Since virtual bets are based in all respects on real sports, the only limit is the imagination of the developers. In the sense that potentially any sport or discipline could become a virtual betting event.

To date, however, the most popular types of virtual bets are :
  • Football
  • Dog racing
  • Horse racing
  • Tennis
  • Motorcycling
  • Cycling
  • Motoring
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play virtual sports

Bets related to virtual sport are gaining increasing popularity in Italy, thanks to the excellent welcome bonuses offered by major bookmakers. To play these disciplines, you must first become familiar with their mechanics. When you bet on a virtual event, you have at your disposal the odds related to each single prediction but, usually, there is no other information regarding the so-called participants in virtual competitions.

You will therefore have to rely on your instincts and luck, as there is no way to predict what the winning prediction will be. For example, if you bet on horse racing, you can see the odds associated with each participating virtual jockey. In general, lower odds represent greater chances that an event may occur, but this does not however represent an absolute rule: in fact, the disadvantaged also often win, subverting every sports prediction. Then there are the virtual football leagues, where you can consult the results of previous matches and the shape of the teams, to try to guess who will be the winner of the competition or of the next matches. The virtual sports betting , just like real bets are always an unknown, because you never know what event will actually happen. For example, the underdog could be the protagonist of an unexpected comeback, or the favorite team could lose the last league match and leave the title to an opposing club, less quoted. In any case, after carefully analyzing the events and choosing which predictions to bet on, you can place your bet slip.

Keep in mind that in virtual disciplines you do not have the opportunity to bet live, which is why you can only play before the start of the event. Each competition is associated with a countdown timer, thanks to which you can follow the calendar of scheduled competitions. After selecting the events you want to play, you can review your bet slip and make any changes in the dedicated box, located on the right of the main screen. You can also create multiple systems and coupons, based on your preferences. Let's now see the various types of virtual sports.

What are the best virtual betting sites?
  • Bwin: By analyzing the bookmakers that offer virtual bets, we have established that the best bookmaker is Bwin virtual bets, given its wide variety of events.
  • 22bet: Another great option seems to be making virtual bets: 22bet given its selection of unusual events such as virtual Formula 1 bets or camels.
  • Netbet: In third place for virtual betting Netbet, we also really like its interface and it has everything, so we think another great option.
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Virtual game scheme and 3d graphics

Virtual bets have a game scheme that follows exactly that of betting on real events, in which each event makes history in itself. It is processed individually and does not constitute a precedent for the subsequent ones. The exploitation of artificial intelligence and three-dimensional graphics give coherence to the action, giving the player the perception of being faced with a real "parallel reality".

The advantage for the player is that there are no surprise variables , such as a horse that does not like rain or a striker on his team suffering from a slight injury.

virtual horse racing

Virtual betting: algorithm and tricks

Every casino game has what is commonly referred to as the "house edge" , which is the percentage the dealer expects to cash out in the long run. In slot machines, usually the RTP (Return to Player) is around 96%, i.e. for every 100 euros wagered, you can expect to win 96. The remaining 4 euros, i.e. 4%, is precisely the advantage. of the House.

The same concept applies to the virtual betting algorithm , which is calibrated to ensure that in the long run the house always wins. That's why there are no tricks for virtual betting and whoever tries to convince you otherwise, would be in bad faith.

Differences between virtual sports and slots / bingo

Compared to slot machines and bingo, the event is not as repetitive as the extraction of numbers or the flow of the ball on the rotating plate; each game is followed with the same pathos that is experienced in front of a real sports match, perhaps even commenting it together with friends. However, there is little room for impulsiveness and imagination.

casino slot machines

On the contrary, virtual bets are really "for everyone" , offering itself not as a pure alternative to the games mentioned above, but as an opportunity capable of creating its own and well-identified user pool. Virtual bets have caught the attention of operators because they allow you to fill the times of the day when TV schedules do not have much sport to offer , and players because they have additional betting opportunities with which to fill downtime.

How is the outcome of virtual betting determined?

If we consider virtual sports such as soccer or horse racing, these have more in common with a slot machine than with their respective real-life sports. Of course, the site will present the best virtual bets as if the player were actually watching a live football match or a horse race, but as Albert Einstein said " Reality is a simple illusion, although very persistent ".

Let's try an example: imagine that slot machines, casino games (such as roulette or blackjack), scratch cards and virtual sports are now all very different types of cars and just like cars can be built to look very different from each other, if you dismantle and take out the base parts, you will find that they are very similar .

This is because at the heart of every online gambling game, whether it's a slot machine, a scratch card, a casino game or virtual sports, is its engine which in this case is a simple function of the computer, called the Random Number Generator (RNG).

As the name suggests, the random number generator is a function that microprocessors can do very well indeed. All it does is offer the possibility for the game, device, software or whatever accesses the function to select a random number between two parameters . These parameters can be a selection between 0 and 1, or between 0 and 160 trillion or the like.

These RNGs are the heart of every single gambling game . It is these that ensure that each slot does not end with the same result every time or that every virtual football game does not end with the same score every time. They can be assigned to many different functions , such as horse racing, by selecting the number of riders in a race, then selecting which horses and jockeys will race in the race and then actually deciding the result of the race itself.

At the base of these RNG there are complex computer programs that replicate the game / event you want to bet on. So slot games are made to look like real world slots, roulette will look like real world roulette and virtual football will look like real football.

However, unlike real football games or real tennis games, which is decided by the quality of the players and by their psycho-physical state, the result of virtual football or esports is decided by the random number generator , which will take into account the weighting factor or the handicap for each of the participants.

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Which virtual sports can I bet on?

By using the best virtual betting site with sports free bets, you can find the most popular sports in the world among virtual ones in order to place your bets. The most common virtual sports are:


virtual horse racing

Football is one of the most popular real sports to bet on , so it is not surprising that it is also in the field of virtual sports. The first thing to note about virtual football is that the games are much shorter than the real ones. You won't have to watch 90 minutes of computer-generated actions because although the quality of virtual football on popular websites is very good and detailed, it can be a little boring to sit for 90 minutes, especially without live betting options.

Although virtual football does not offer live betting, there are many other markets to choose from , which is why football is one of the best virtual sports to bet on online. Here are some of the markets you can bet on with virtual football: winner of the match , number of goals, exact score, double chance , Asian handicap, both teams score, home team goals, away team goals, the team which scores first .

Horse racing

virtual horse racing

Virtual horse racing is not as popular as the real one , but it is certainly one of the best virtual sports to bet on online. Surveys have been conducted that say that around 25% of horse racing bets in Italy come from virtual horse racing, so it equals a quarter of all horse racing bets in the country! Again the markets are the classic ones : winner, top 3, etc.

Racing dogs

virtual racing dogs

Betting on virtual dog racing is almost identical to betting on virtual horse racing. Obviously virtual dog racing will include dogs instead of horses and a suitable track , but everything else is similar. Betting markets include the winner, predictions and tricasts, and races are generally completed on one lap of the track.


virtual tennis

Tennis has become an increasingly popular virtual sport among leading online bookmakers and this is largely thanks to the quality of the graphics. Just like real tennis, you will find games that are played on various surfaces such as grass, clay and concrete fields , but if real tennis games can last between two and five sets, virtual tennis games are only one set long .

This limits the betting markets available for virtual tennis and if you like the wealth of tennis betting options for real games, you may find yourself limited with virtual tennis. However, you still have several options in the following markets: match winner, total points and correct score.


virtual cycling

This is perhaps not a popular sport for betting in general like the ones mentioned above, but virtual cycling has many fans who love to bet online . The race graphics are excellent and you can see the race from various angles, as you would when watching a live TV cycling race and this adds more fun to betting on virtual cycling . The markets to bet on correspond to those of horse and dog racing and include: winner, predictions and tricasts.

Formula 1

Virtual Formula 1 is listed on the best online betting sites, along with the other most popular virtual sports. The only big difference is in the betting markets and thanks to the greater number of drivers in Formula 1, both the forecast and tricast betting markets become available .

virtual formula 1

Races are played for two or three laps maximum and you must place your bets before the start of the race . As with any virtual sport, there are no live betting markets available, at least not yet.

What are the advantages of betting on virtual sports?

Virtual betting is sometimes seen as a little fun pastime by professional sports bettors, who tend to adopt a rather detaching attitude towards the fantasy world. However, bookmakers would not offer such bets if there was not a profit for both sides . Therefore, virtual sports betting should not be something to be avoided.I hope this virtual betting overview has cleared your mind a bit, but if you are still not convinced if this kind of hobby can do for you, I leave you with a summary table with the various pros and cons:

Advantages Disadvantages
Available 24 hours a dayBeing a simulation, no skills or strategies are needed
You don't need to have sports knowledgeA simulation can never replicate the adrenaline of a real match
It is not possible for a match to be fixedThe events last a few seconds

Also Here are some of the benefits of virtual betting :

  • With a click of the mouse, customers can bet on different sports with races and events every 90 seconds on most sites and lasting 3 minutes. This means more chances of winning and more fun
  • It's easy to play and anyone can win or participate without the faintest idea how best virtual bets are made
  • For beginners it is recommended to practice sports betting using virtual sports before moving on to real ones
  • Virtual football betting is a good place to start because football is already such a popular bet that the learning curve is reduced
  • Games and events are streamed with high quality graphics and you can bet twenty-four hours a day, offering users an infinite source of betting opportunities

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Strategies for winning at virtual bets

The virtual sports betting market is growing rapidly. Today there are many sports to choose from . However, the strategies differ quite a bit from those used in real competitions.

virtual betting online

Bet responsibly

When betting on virtual sports, it is better to bet small amounts, follow betting tips, as the result is always unpredictable . This will help players avoid substantial losses. Also, chasing losses is not a good idea when betting on virtual sports, as they are more similar to gambling than real sports betting. Therefore, many betting experts suggest taking a similar approach to slots and simply enjoying the experience.

Analyze the odds

Despite the "random" nature of the results of virtual sporting events, there is still the possibility of using some strategy to win . One of the best is to place bets based solely on probability. For example, in virtual horse racing, some horses have a better chance of winning than others .

This is done to make the race more like the real ones, as different horses have different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, while betting on virtual sports, it is best to look at the odds and create a strategy based on them . For small but frequent payouts, it is better to target the cheaper selections, even if higher odds could lead to higher payouts.

However, there is no guaranteed system for winning at virtual sports , so bettors should take a relaxed approach and enjoy the game experience rather than relying on big winnings.


How to find virtual sports games online?

All major betting sites that we reviewed offer all types of virtual sports especially tennis, horse racing, virtual football and much more.

how to play virtual sports games?

Bets on virtual sports are fixed odds bets on simulated events , the images of which are transmitted in practically all cases in real time by the operator who shares the event. There is a wide variety of sports on offer: (football, king of the market with over 70% share), motor racing, horse racing, cycling, tennis; but also darts, cricket, archery, table tennis, badminton. Once the preferred discipline has been chosen, the bets are made and the race simulation takes place, which usually lasts between 90 and 120 seconds, while between one and the other no more than 3 pass.

What is the difference between betting on virtual sports and real sports?

There are many differences. First, the duration and frequency of meetings or events. For example, a football game lasts at least 90 minutes. A virtual football game, typically 90 seconds! This way you can bet more often, also because the frequency is 24 hours a day!

Is it possible to bet live with virtual bets?

No, at least this possibility is not currently offered. The main problem lies in the duration of the meetings or events, which do not reflect the real ones. If a football game lasts 90 minutes, the same does not apply to a virtual football game and consequently, virtual football bets do not yet offer live betting. Usually, with match durations of 90 seconds, it would be very difficult to bet live and to propose odds from bookmakers that reflect the progress of the match.

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