What is the RTP of a slot machine?

, in online gambling, is a term used to determine the expected Return to Player percentage of any given type of slot machine.

player playing on slot machine

As a player, you should know what the RTP of a slot machine is so that you can get your return on each game that you play. If you do not know it's RTP, then you might be losing money and not even knowing it.

It is vital for any gambler to check this measurement and to make sure that the casinos are playing fair. With the knowledge of return to player, you will make sure that there will be no cheating by casinos or their employees, and all players can safely play slot machines.

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What is good RTP for Slots?

Most of the competitive slots will offer a return to players of 92% to 97%. But a 97% return to the player does not guarantee more wins or money over time. RTP is simply the amount that a player can expect when he wins the given game. Return to player of 96% means that the player will get S96 for every $100 put in the game.

There are different RTP levels for different casinos. Online slots clearly mention a return to player on their sites, while the physical machines also make sure to display the percentage for the ease of the players. Apart from the subject, here are some other terms that you should know.

What is Volatility in Slots?

Volatility refers to the fluctuations that happen in the return to player of any slot. Slots with high volatility will drastically increase or decrease the RTP in a short time. Slots with low volatility take a longer time to change the value of a game.

What is House Edge?

House edge is, simply put, the percentage of a player's money that will be taken by casinos for each spin of the reels. This amount can be as low as 0% or as high as 20%. The mean house edge for most games is around 5%. Other factors like volatility and return to player affect house edge too.

What is Payout Percentage?

Payout percentage simply refers to how many payouts are given by a machine. It is the most popular way of calculating how much money a player can expect while playing a machine.

Why should you check RTP, volatility, and house edge?

You have to make sure that you have checked all these aspects before actually playing in any casino. If there is some suspicion that the casinos may be cheating or are not fair, then you should avoid playing with them.

These measurements show if a casino is playing fair and if they are really giving their customers the best opportunity to win big money on each game they play. This will keep your mind at peace while gambling and keep you from losing too much money.

Difference between RTP and Payout

When you are playing slots, and you keep winning, you will be happy to know that the payout is great. The RTP of a slot game will give out 92% to 97% of the money that you put into the gaming machine.

But you have to remember that there are other factors, such as volatility, house edge, and payout percentage too. These numbers may not always be as they seem at first. And they will also vary from machine to machine and even from one casino to another. So it is essential for players to check these numbers before making a wager on any slot game.


RTP is the amount that you can expect to get when you play a slot machine. Some of the games may have a high percentage, but sometimes you might find these numbers low as well.

This will cause disappointment for players who have been placing money on machines where there are huge chances that they will not get their winnings back.

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