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How to win money in soccer betting

submitted 10th April

Soccer Betting is a big Industry where people win money and lose money also. So How to win money in soccer betting?

What is the Future of Betting and IGaming?

submitted 7th March

Will the betting industry and IGaming will change in the Future? What will be the new structure for the betting industry?

Postponed or Cancelled match. What happens to the Bet?

submitted 8th March

If a bet contains a postponed or Cancelled match what happens to the bet? and different scenario for single and multi bet.

Online Poker Strategy

submitted 6th April

How to calculate your odds of winning a hand? take a look to this online poker strategy!

3 Tips That Will Make You A Better Poker Player

submitted 26th March

Whether you are a complete beginner, or already have some experience, there is always a space for improvements.

Betfair API GitHub Code Samples

submitted 28th March

How to connect to a Betfair API? using Json request to get latest horse betting Odds and much more.

World Cup - Qatar 2022 Host stadium

submitted 31st March

what are the host stadiums for the World Cup - Qatar 2022?

How to Bet and Win on Tennis: Betting Guide and Strategy of a Professional

submitted 17th April

The tennis betting market has always been the most favorable betting ground for professional bettor . In my experience as a betting tipster I have met many betting exchange experts who have made tennis their main source of profits. This will be a tennis betting guide for profit.

Accumulator Betting Tips & Strategy

submitted 27th April

Many football betting fans love accumulators bets because they theoretically allow you to make substantial winnings by combining multiple matches into a single bet.

Top eSports Games to bet on | Popular esports Games

submitted 16th April

The following esports games are the titles found on many betting sites for you to bet on. Don't forget to follow our esports predictions and esports betting tips.

What are the top 3 iGaming Events in 2019?

Best 3 iGaming events for 2019 are SiGMA, Betting on Sports America & Lisbon Affiliate Conference.

by Admin

Posted on 12nd March

What are the top 3 iGaming Events in 2019?
Intro for What are the top 3 iGaming Events in 2019?: Best 3 iGaming events for 2019 are SiGMA, Betting on Sports America & Lisbon Affiliate Conference.
One of the very best iGaming events that will be held in 2019 after the successful year of 2018, will be SiGMA expo. SiGMA expo will be taking place between 27th and 29th November 2019 in Malta. Sigma expo is a must attend for iGaming professionals which the expo is ongoing to grow and mature as time goes on in SiGMA 2019. Sigma expo was a huge success in 2018 in terms of numbers which there was a lot were someone could get new contacts. Apart that it was full of activities which everyone likes to attend.
Second best iGaming conference is Lisbon Affiliate Conference. From Berlin to Lisbon was a good decision in 2018 when Lisbon Affiliate Conference was held. The planned dates for Lisbon Affiliate Conference will be on October 17-18, 2019.
Third best iGaming conference is Betting on Sports America. The dates for Betting on Sports America will be held on April 23-25, 2019. At the moment the US gaming market is get a good grip which everyone is likely to invest is Us sports betting.

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