Aguero Interview - Copa America & Euro 2024

Sergio Agüero’s predictions on Copa America and Euro 2024 are here with his top picks. Discover this exclusive interview with the legend!

Sergio Aguero interview

The summer of football is upon us. It is rare to have two spectacular tournaments happening in the same period, but here we are. EURO 2024 and Copa America are about to kick off. Germany and the USA are the respective hosts, and we expect hospitality from all participants. Before tournaments like these, it is always best to speak with professionals who have experienced them on the field.

One of the best people to share his thoughts on EURO 2024 and Copa America must be none other than Sergio Aguero. The diminutive striker from Argentina has his fair share of both international and domestic success with both the national team and the clubs he played for. The former Argentina striker and ex-star of Manchester City talked to Stake, to whom he's an ambassador, in an exclusive interview, discussing the upcoming football tournaments. Considering his roots, we're first going through what he said about the Copa America.

The Small Issue of Paulo Dybala

No one can argue that removing Dybala from the team is not without controversies. After all, the Roma striker was a part of the team that won the World Cup for Argentina scoring a penalty in the final. According to Aguero, it is not his job to follow the current club form of every player. Instead, he remarks that such a decision needs to be left in the hands of the gaffer. Lionel Scaloni made the decision, and Sergio believes that such a move should be respected due to the merit the coach has with Argentine footballers, the general public in the homeland, and the national team.

The former Atleti man claims that everyone knows just how well-liked his peers Dybala is, but that the national team's success depends on the team effort and not on a single individual. He also adds that this was proven over and over again during both Copa America and the World Cup and that the decision of the coach Scaloni should be viewed through that notion.

The New Football Mecca - Miami

Considering that Lionel Messi decided to continue his career in America and that he selected Inter Miami to do so, many eyes in the world of football have set their sights on the Florida jewel. Despite the pull that the GOAT of football has, Aguero still believes that this sport was always popular in Miami due to the sheer number of Argentines living there. Knowing that the national team plays there gives extra motivation to both the team and the fans. Aguero also remains cautious in his hopes for the home crowd being positive towards the Argentine national team, stating that teams such as Mexico, Columbia, and Venezuela will also have a lot of fans in this>

The 2026 World Cup is in the USA - Will Messi play?

The whole world is familiar with the relationship that Lionel Messi has with Sergio Aguero. This is why he was the right man to be asked this question. Aguero decided to remain mysterious with the notion that all of us should enjoy Leo at the 2024 Copa America. According to the former Premier League Golden Boot, seeing Messi play in Miami should be enough for the fans today. For tomorrow we'll just have to wait and see. Just as many fans across the world Sergio would love to see Messi play for a few decades more but is aware of the fact that we're close to the end of Lionel's fairy>

The Argentinean Pressure of Being Favorites

Sergio Aguero was a member of some pretty strong national teams often sharing the field with Messi himself. So, he knows a thing or two about pressure and being favored to win, but still falling short. Today, Argentina's national team is playing Copa America as World champs. There isn't a bigger pressure to win than this one. Aguero disagrees. The ex-Barcelona player claims that Argentina is now used to success so that pressure will be non-existent for this group of players. According to Aguero, the team has cohesion, style of play, and great leadership both on the field and off it. For him, the natural transition of these traits to younger players for new generations is happening seamlessly and it will lead to more success on the national level. Is this in hand with your Copa America Predictions?

Dybala Out - Martinez In

One could argue that the reason for Dybala's omission is his lack of fitness and being injury-prone. The same could have been said for Lisandro Martinez, yet the Manchester United player got the call-up. Due to this comparison, Sergio stepped up only with words of praise claiming that Lisandro is a core player of the national team and a defender who brings energy, talent, and leadership to the field. The role Martinez has with the team is vital, and his personality at the back is what brought him to Man UTD and the national team concludes Aguero.

The Top Performers for Argentina

The team is the key states Sergio Aguero. According to him, the Argentina national team no longer depends on one individual be it Maradona or Messi. The former striker adds that the team staff knows how to run this group of players and that the team's cohesion will pave the way. Special attention needs to be put on the strong defensive line that could make a difference in a knock-out tournament adds Aguero. The team is versatile and creative enough to disrupt any opponent and Aguero does not doubt that Argentina can go all the way. If you believe the same, place your bets at Stake platform.

Top Scorer?

As a top striker himself, Aguero was asked about who he believes will take the title of the tournament's top scorer at Copa America. The South American teams always had good strikers from the likes of Forlan and Suarez at Uruguay to countless Brazilian toreadors. The answer Kun gave was vague, as he pointed out that it all depends on how good a team plays and how far will each team progress to have their best individual shine. In the end, he gave a thumbs up to his long-time partner upfront Lionel Messi with the hope that Leo would be the top scorer with Argentina lifting the trophy.

Now that we've covered what Aguero thinks about Copa America, let's see what he takes on at the EURO 2024. He has expertise in this area too, considering that Kun has been playing in Europe since he was eighteen years>

The EURO 2024 Superstars

As a former superstar on the turf chasing the ball, Aguero knows a thing or two about recognizing talent. The former Independiente man sees a pool of sharks when it comes to players that could take on the big stage at EURO 2024. Those that are an eyeful for him are a part of the younger generation. Considering that Kun was young when he burst onto the international stage it's no wonder that he started to have an eye on the likes of Phil Foden, Jamal Musiala, Yamal, and Doku. The youth is where the future is at, claims Aguero.

From EURO to Premier League

Sergio Aguero made a name for himself playing for Manchester City, so it's no wonder that he's often asked about the affairs of the blue Manchester team. The man who took his mantle at City is Erling Haaland, and since he joined the Norwegian prodigy has been setting the world ablaze. With Norway missing on the EURO, City's striker will have more time to rest than some of his rivals on the fields of England. Aguero believes that Haaland plays a style of football that takes a toll on his body and that prolonged rest will do wonders for his fitness. Better fitness will result in more goals and no one knows this better than Aguero.

EURO 2024 Top Scorer

Being the third top goal scorer in the history of Argentina's national team means that you know a thing or two about scoring goals. When asked who he sees as favorites to win the Golden Boot at the EURO 2024, Kun had a few names to single out. He shares his opinion that the teams that go far have the chance to propel their goal scorers to the top of the list. This is why he believes that favorites such as France and England have the two most likely to be Golden Boot winners in the form and shape of Harry Kane and Kylian Mbappe. With the history these two have with their respective nations, Kun might be onto something.

Kun's Opinion on England, Southgate, and Man UTD

One of the biggest stories of the summer was the success of the English national team at the EUROs. The nation has been waiting for too long and this team is seen as the golden generation once again. Gareth Southgate is seen as one of the scapegoats for any future failure. Yet, if he's out of a job with the national team there are plenty of suitors on the club level with Man UTD leading the race. Aguero believes that there's not a story there, at least not one that he's heard of. Also, he adds that some managers love to work on national levels rather than the clubs, stating that Southgate has had enough success to gel nicely into the club football if he likes what he's offered, be it a job at UTD or somewhere else.

While, in the case of a good tournament, Gareth Southgate is not going anywhere people are eager to talk about his replacements. The two names that often pop up in these conversations are no other than two of the greatest rivals in the world of football Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola. Kun was just like us fans when presented with the possibility that either of these coaches is set to manage the English national team. He believes that this scenario has little to no chance to materialize, but remains cautious in stating that it is impossible.

The State of English Football According to Kun

You can talk about football with Sergio Aguero. When asked about the one trophy that Manchester City won during the last season, he stated that it was a great success. According to Aguero, winning one of the most competitive leagues in the world is always an amazing accomplishment. To win it, you need to win almost every match, and what Pep and his boys did was nothing short of remarkable according to a former City superstar.

Of course, as a gentleman of the game, Kun also heaped words of praise on the Manchester rivals, United. While many would downplay their rivals, Aguero believes that on the day, UTD had a better setup, a bit more luck, and a solid defensive presence that was enough to lift the FA Cup on the day.

The good thing that came from the other side of Manchester this year, according to Kun, was the insurgence of the young Alejandro Garnacho. The young Argentine is the part of national selection for this year's Copa and this bodes well with Aguero. For Garnacho, Sergio has nothing but respect. The young attacker had a breakout season for UTD cementing his place in the club's history with an FA Cup final goal and a call-up to the national team. As one of many attacking options this year, Kun sees Alejandro as one of the pillars of the future Argentinian teams.

As far as the Future of Pep, City, and his latest club Barcelona goes, Kun has a mixed opinion. While he believes that Guardiola is going to stay at City for years to come, he does see him as a fine international coach if that time ever comes. As far as City goes KUn believes that they are well positioned for all future challenges due to the organizational and personnel quality at their disposal. While he believes that Real Madrid has a monstrous team at the moment, he also states that Barcelona can impose itself once again on the backs of young lads such as Pedri, Yamal, Gavi, and the gang.

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