What is the Super Ballon d'Or - List of candidates for this noble title

All football fans know about the Golden Ball award, so what about the award? What is the Super Golden Ball? Let's explore this award in the article below.

What is the Super Golden Ball?

The Golden Ball is a symbol of excellence in football, and has become an indispensable part in the minds of every sports lover. However, few people know that in addition to this title, there is also an extremely noble and special award - "Super Golden Ball". So, title What is the Super Golden Ball?? Let's xoilac tv Learn about this special award.

What is the Super Golden Ball?

The Super Ballon d'Or - a symbol of excellence in football - is one of the most noble and rare awards in the world.

Created by France Football magazine, this award is only given to the player recognized as the best during a decade. What is the Super Golden Ball? It is a symbol honoring football players who have made outstanding contributions and great influence on the development of this sport over a decade.

Through the years of history, the list of Super Ballon d'Or winners includes not only famous names such as Michel Platini, Johan Cruyff, Marco van Basten, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but also has left a deep impression in the hearts of global football fans.

To achieve this title, players must have outstanding achievements and create a great impact over the past decade. Criteria for selecting winners include individual and team achievements, contribution to the development of football, and influence of players on the field. Confused outside life and talent.

Top 1 in the list of candidates -Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, Argentine football star, is not surprised to be the top candidate for the Super Golden Ball title. With 8 Golden Balls in hand, he has set a record that no one can compare. In 2022, Messi also marked the completion of his career by winning the World Cup championship.

Currently, Messi has moved to Inter Miami Club to spend the final years of his career. According to a report from Ace Football, Messi's chance of winning is up to 80%, far surpassing the other candidates. Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo only has a winning rate of 16%.

What is the Super Golden Ball?? The Super Golden Ball is the most prestigious award in football and Messi is currently the most prominent candidate for this title, based on his outstanding achievements and great influence in his career.

Cristiano Ronaldo is in 2nd place

Ronaldo is the greatest player in football history, scoring the most goals of all time. With 5 Golden Balls and 5 C1 Cup championships, he has continuously contributed to the football industry.

Although he won the Euro championship with the Portuguese team in 2016, the biggest thing that Ronaldo has yet to achieve in his career is the World Cup championship.

So What is the Super Golden Ball?? This is the highest award in football and Ronaldo is always a bright candidate for this title.

Top 3 belongs to the legendary Zinedine Zidane

Zidane ranked 3rd on the list of candidates for this award
Zidane ranked 3rd on the list of candidates for this award

Zinedine Zidane, one of the greatest midfielders in football history, is famous for his excellent ball control techniques and outstanding talent. He conquered the heights of success at Juventus and Real Madrid, bringing home major titles such as the World Cup and Euro with the French national team.

With multiple Champions League titles with Real Madrid and the Golden Ball title, Zidane has proven his bravery and class in the football world. The Super Golden Ball is one of the most prestigious awards and Zidane is one of the players who can be proud of this golden achievement in his career.

Ronaldo de Lima is in the top 4 position

Ronaldinho and Ronaldo de Lima, two close teammates in the Brazilian national team, are undeniable legends in the football world. Ronaldo, nicknamed "Alien", was the youngest player to win the Golden Ball title. With his speed, technique and excellent finishing ability, he overcame every defender at the peak of his career.

Playing for top clubs such as Barcelona, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, Ronaldo has contributed to the success of each team he has played for. With the Brazilian team, he also brought home the World Cup championship not once but twice.

Brazilian legend - Ronaldinho is in the top 5

Brazilian legend - Ronaldinho ranked in the top 5
Brazilian legend - Ronaldinho ranked in the top 5

Ronaldinho, one of the greatest players to ever grace football, terrified defenders around the world during his prime. With skillful ball control techniques, he can overcome many defenders and create unexpected passes, creating conditions for his teammates to score.

Ronaldinho has won many major titles during his career, including winning the European Cup, Champions League and World Cup. In 2005, he entered the circle of glory when he won the Super Golden Ball title, showing his strength and talent on the field.

Above is an article about the award What is the Super Golden Ball? belong to live football xoilac tv. We hope that you have found the information you need and will continue to support and follow the development of these outstanding players in the future.

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