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Crazy Time by Evolution is the world's most popular online casino game show. The game features a Money Wheel, a Top Slot for added multipliers,

Crazy Time casino game

Game reviews serve as a crucial link between players and the gaming industry. They provide a comprehensive view of the gaming experience. They allow potential players to make informed decisions. When it comes to a game as complex and addictive as Crazy Time, a detailed review can be of invaluable assistance.

Crazy Time, available at, is a unique and exciting live casino game. It has captivated the gaming community. This is no ordinary casino game. It is a game show style extravaganza. It combines elements of gambling, strategy and entertainment. Crazy Time features an exciting spinning wheel, colourful studios, exciting presenters, and plenty of bonuses and multipliers. It promises players a journey into a world where fun meets luck.

Game mechanics

The gameplay in Crazy Time is built around a colourful multi-segment spinning wheel. It resembles a carnival wheel with many different segments. Each of them has a unique symbol or number. Players place bets on these segments, just like in traditional casino games. The outcome of the bet is determined by which segment the wheel stops on after spinning.

The game consists of several rounds, each with different betting options. These include selecting specific segments of the wheel, betting on bonus games and betting on numbers. As the wheel spins, the excitement builds and players eagerly await the results to see if their bet has won.

What sets Crazy Time apart is the charismatic host who guides players through the game. The host not only spins the wheel but also engages the players in an engaging conversation. This creates a lively and interesting atmosphere reminiscent of a television game show. The role of the host plays a key role in maintaining the entertainment value of the game and providing a memorable experience for the players.

The atmosphere of the game show is complemented by colourful studio decorations, sound effects and live interaction with the audience. It's not just about the stakes, but the entire entertainment package that Crazy Time offers.

Player interaction is very important at Crazy Time. Players can communicate with the host and other participants through chat. This gives the game a social nature. This interaction not only creates a sense of community, but also allows for questions to be answered and discussions to take place in real time. Players can strategise, celebrate victories and experience joy together. In this way, Crazy Time becomes not only a game, but also a camaraderie.

In addition, some game segments involve decision-making where participants collectively choose the outcome. This further emphasises the importance of player engagement and cooperation. This dynamic interaction is a key element that sets Crazy Time apart from traditional casino games. It gives it an irresistible charm.

Gameplay in the game Crazy Time

Crazy Time offers a dynamic gameplay experience that unfolds in a series of rounds, each one full of anticipation and possibilities. To help you understand this game, we'll detail what happens during a typical round:
  1. Betting Phase. Players place bets on various segments of the spinning wheel. Betting options range from specific numbers to bonus games, which introduces an element of strategy and luck.
  2. Interaction with the presenter. A charismatic presenter adds to the excitement by spinning the wheel and engaging players in real-time discussions and entertainment.
  3. Wheel Spinning. The spinning wheel determines the outcome of the round. The wheel can stop at different segments that offer different payouts and bonuses.
  4. Winning and payouts. Players who place winning bets receive payouts depending on which segment the wheel stops on. Bonus games and multipliers also increase potential winnings.
  5. Bonus Games. Crazy Time periodically features exciting bonus games such as Money Hunt, Pachinko and Flip a Coin. These games give players the opportunity to significantly increase their winnings.
  6. Multipliers. Random multipliers are applied to certain segments, which increases the excitement of players seeking multiple payouts.

Various gameplay elements and bonuses

Crazy Time's gameplay is a delightful combination of several unique elements and bonuses that constantly energise players:
  • Money Hunt. In this bonus game, players shoot at virtual targets to earn multipliers, which introduces an element of skill and anticipation.
  • Pachinko. Inspired by a popular Japanese game, Pachinko offers the chance to win big when the puck goes through a maze of pegs and hits a multiplier.
  • Coin Flip. A simple but intense bonus round in which a coin is flipped, giving players the chance to double their winnings or nothing at all.
  • Crazy Time. The pinnacle of excitement, the Crazy Time segment can lead to huge wins and keeps players in suspense.

The essence of Crazy Time is excitement and player involvement. From the player's perspective, this game offers an exciting experience that combines the excitement of a casino with the addictiveness of a game show.

Players often find themselves involved not only in the gameplay, but also in lively conversations with the host and other participants. The anticipation of bonus games and multipliers adds an extra level of excitement, turning every spin of the wheel into a potential game.

The interaction and decision-making segments of Crazy Time foster a sense of community and co-operation that is sorely lacking in many traditional casino games. Combined with the possibility of big winnings, this creates an overall engaging, social and incredibly fun gameplay experience.

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