Understanding a casino classic

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Whether you’re new to the expansive world of online casinos or class yourself as a bit of a casino connoisseur, do you know all there is about some of the casino classics found on the virtual floor?

Thanks to the ever-advancing technology and digital world we live in, grabbing a spin of the iconic Roulette wheel, pulling up a virtual seat at a Blackjack table or trying to conceal your Poker face whilst holding a hand of cards, is more accessible and available than ever before.

With the option to now stream live casino games to your chosen device, tap play on a computer-generated game, or head to a casino establishment, there are many ways players around the world can grab a game of a casino classic.

One such classic, Roulette, has taken the online gaming world by storm, introducing new players to the iconic wheel and organised table layout. Today, new players are being shown why it’s classed as a casino classic, and just how it’s spun its way through the centuries to be as much of a hit today, as it once was when first introduced to the casino floors in France.

Follow us as we delve deeper into the history of this casino classic, to understand where it came from and how it’s remained at the top of many players ‘to play’ lists.

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You may have seen the Roulette wheel dominating casino advertisements throughout the years, as it’s seen as the poster symbol for all things casino. But did you know, this iconic game item was invented by accident?

In the 17th century, a scientist, inventor, and so many other titles under his belt – Blaise Pascal – was conducting research and an experiment to create a perpetual motion machine. In failing to create this, Pascal instead stumbled upon creating the blueprints for what would later become the Roulette wheel.

Fast forward to 1843, where European casinos were already spinning one form of the Roulette wheel, which featured both single and double zero pockets on the wheel. It was in this year, that twin brothers Francois and Louis Blanc, changed the course of gaming history forever.

Trying to compete with their casino rivals, the Blanc brothers hatched a plan to remove the double zero pocket from the wheel and table, which in doing so, lowered the house edge, allowing a better opportunity than the double zero version, to potentially win a game.

The single zero wheel was a big hit with casino goers and was soon known as the European version. With the success of the game taking off, it soon took to the seas and travelled to the States. Surprisingly, players in the States preferred the higher house edge and adopted the double zero back onto the wheel. This was soon referred to as the American version.

Now, with the advancements in technology, both the European and the American Roulette versions are available at a click of a button, allowing players the opportunity to try both variations out, to see which variant of the classic they prefer.--

Will you be spinning both wheels on your next visit to the online casino? Will you prefer one wheel over the other?

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