Explain Asian handicap betting strategy with W88 expert

Asian Handicap is a popular form of betting in W88 online bookie. Asian Handicap strategy will help players capture the correct betting odds and utilize them effectively.

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When participating in the world of online football betting, besides the commonly used terms in the professional betting world, Asian Handicap is also one of the most commonly used football terms. With this article, W88 betting online will analyze Asian handicap strategies to help sports bettors apply effectively and increase their odds of winning.

Overall of Asian Handicap betting on W88 online bookie

Asian Handicap is a type of rafter called with many names such as Over Under and Handicap. Unlike the European market, the Asian Handicap is used to evaluate the strength of two teams when competing against each other. Accordingly, the bookie gives a handicap between the strong team and the weak team to create a balance.

asian handicap

Handicap is used as a basis to develop many other bets such as yellow card, red card, over and under, etc. Handicap has a period of 90 minutes including injury time, excluding extra time. Results arising in extra time will not be counted in the bet result.

So when the first half begins, W88 bookie will add the first half Asian handicap; or 2nd half Asian handicap, running bet (in-play) or extra time.

To be able to make an accurate bet, the W88clubz team of experts will use all the information they have regarding the two teams such as: Player performance, tactics of the coaching staff, weather situation, etc. ... to help a team of experts based on that and analyze and evaluate the strength of each team to give the correct odds.

The most effective Asian betting strategy on W88

Check the standard to catch the correct bet

Before placing a bet, you must have a lot of doubts when you don't know which bet you should choose, or should you be on the bottom or the top. If the team at the bottom is playing at home, even though the away team is stronger, you should still choose the home team because it will have a high win rate.

asian handicap explanation

If you bet ahead of time, find out if the team above is reducing the handicap. If the handicap is reduced, it means that the strength of the underdog team is being appreciated. If so, you can choose under because there is a possibility of winning.

In general, if you want to choose the right bet, you should stick to each stage of the W88 bookie's betting, especially the first two stages before the match takes place.

Bet on small and moderate odds

You should not bet on odds that are too high. With matches with high Asian odds, volatility will also be higher. In some cases, choosing the home team will have an advantage.

However, in the case that the away team is stronger, in the opposite mortgage, the home team in the range from 0.5 to 1 goal, the correlation between the strength of the two teams is not balanced. That is, the home team is on the bottom and the away team is on the top, you should choose the bottom with moderate odds.

Asian Handicap is divided into many small odds to suit each player and each tournament. With bets with low handicap, the strength of the two teams will be similar. And as the game progresses, the variables will also be less, so your initial prediction will also be more accurate.

When encountering small-rate bets that before the game time, the bookie's handicap is reduced, it means that the bookie is appreciating the team at the bottom. Therefore, you should bet on the underdog and then the odds will be higher.


The article is all about the Asian betting strategy that the official W88 homepage at W88clubz.com wants to convey to you. The betting experiences in this article have been verified and summarized by W88 experts, which will help you have the most overview of Asian handicap and apply it most effectively.

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